Home Technology Algorithms Allegedly Penalized Black Renters. The US Government Is Watching

Algorithms Allegedly Penalized Black Renters. The US Government Is Watching

US Government Is Watching So Black Renters Don’t Get Penalized

We don’t need algorithms to tell us that the US still has a long journey to go when it comes to attaining true equality. But recently, it seems the issue of Black renters getting penalized due to unfair algorithms raised its ugly head once again. But thankfully, the US government is on it.

Unfair Algorithmic Potential

Algorithmic decision-making often has an unfair bias against Black people and/or people of color. The investigation into these biased algorithms in the rental market revealed that some renters with an “African-American sounding” name would be asked to pay higher rents, or be penalized for credit scores that weren’t reflective of their real financial situation. Furthermore, the algorithms even allegedly decreased the number of rental opportunities available to the renters, effectively rendering them “invisible” on the rental market.

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Government Gives Algorithms A Score

The US government is taking more of a proactive approach when it comes to ensuring that Black and other people of color aren’t unfairly penalized by algorithms. The Department of Housing and Urban Development, in partnership with the Department of Justice, launched the National Algorithmic Impact Assessment to give algorithms a score by testing them for bias. This assessment aims to reduce algorithmic bias, and tend to the concerns of the renter’s market, to give individuals a fair evaluation and assessment.

Making A Change

This is just the start, however. It’s essential that the US government keeps investigating and regulating algorithms further to ensure fairness and equality when it comes to renting, mortgage loans, criminal justice system and more. Some of the ways we could start making a change is to:

  • Have a code of ethics that regulates algorithms
  • Improve public awareness and understanding of algorithmic decision-making
  • Increase government oversight and regulation
  • Enforce accountability and transparency in algorithmic decision-making

Until these changes are made, the US government must remain vigilant in its mission of safeguarding everyone’s human rights, so that nobody should be unfairly penalized by algorithms.

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