Drake is a certified gamer boy with Pharrell Williams’ gold PSP



Drake Didn’t Have Game Until Pharrell’s Gold PSP

Drake may be a rapper king, but his gaming skills? Not exactly first-rate. Enter Pharrell Williams’, who, in an act of rap royalty kindness, has personally upgraded Drake’s gaming arsenal.

You see, Drake is now the proud owner of a gold colored PSP (Playstation Portable). And that’s not just any gold PSP. Nope, this is a veritable shiny PsP with a 24-carat gold coating and inscribed with a few exclusive lyrics from the rap mogul himself. It almost looks like jewelry!

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Making Up for Lost Gaming Time

This piece of gaming luxury was a royally generous gift from Pharrell to Drake, who had lamented that he had limited gaming time growing up. With this gift, Drake can now make up for lost time – and add a little bling to his gaming sessions while he’s at it.

Drake Is a Certified Gamer Boy

So with his golden gadget upgrade and a little help from his friend Pharrell, Drake is now officially a certified gamer boy. Want to know what Drake is up to on the PSP? Here’s a breakdown:

  • Burning through battlefields
  • Zooming down racetracks
  • Exploring dark alleys and castle halls
  • Dominating sports stripes
  • Throwing punches and flying kicks

We can only imagine how grand Drake’s gaming sessions look now. With that gilded PSP, we’re sure his high-scores must be just as golden!

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