Home Technology Snowflake acquires SnowConvert to accelerate database migrations to data cloud

Snowflake acquires SnowConvert to accelerate database migrations to data cloud

Snowflake Acquires SnowConvert and Jokes About How Much Colder It Will Get!

Snowflake, the cloud data platform provider, recently announced the acquisition of SnowConvert in order to accelerate migrations to the data cloud.

Snowflake’s CEO, Frank Slootman, said that “both companies share a history of innovation, leading the way for cloud data solutions and now with the acquisition of SnowConvert we can ensure our customers experience the snow magic even faster.”

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So, What’s the Deal?

In a nutshell, SnowConvert is a company focused on helping customers move their computing workloads from traditional data sources (e.g. on-premise solutions and even Amazon’s own solutions) to the cloud. This shift to the cloud by Snowflakes customers means they have additional capabilities to harness the power of big data.

Let’s Talk Money!

Snowflake has spent a ton of snowflakes (money) on SnowConvert, though neither side has revealed the exact amount. SnowConvert’s team will be joining Snowflake and will move will move to San Mateo, California, while continuing to its current offices in Amsterdam and Tokyo.

What Does This Acquisition Mean?

The acquisition of SnowConvert has some obvious benefits for Snowflake:

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  • Improved Efficiency: Snowflake can now quickly take the workloads of their customers to the cloud, meaning faster migrations and improved efficiency.
  • Cost Savings: Using SnowConvert, Snowflake can perform migrations faster, resulting in cost savings to the customer.
  • More Resources: Snowflake can now use the combined resources of both companies to create more data cloud solutions that its customers will love.

And the Humor?

It was hard to miss the puns as the announcement was made, with Snowflake proclaiming that the acquisition meant it was about to get much colder!

We’re looking forward to seeing what this new partnership will bring for Snowflake and its customers – with only one thing for sure – the temperature is about to drop!

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