Home Technology 3rd-Gen Apple TV 4K users report connection problems with Siri Remote

3rd-Gen Apple TV 4K users report connection problems with Siri Remote

3rd-Gen Apple 4K TV Struggling with Connection Woes and a Siri Remote Separating Anxiety

The 3rd-gen Apple 4K TV users are having it pretty rough lately – and it’s not just because they’re locked in their homes during the pandemic. Reports are coming in of connection issues, lagging responses and all manner of WiFi hiccups that can all be traced back to the Siri Remote.

The Connection Woes

It’s all connected!

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This is one of those instances where something you do on one side of the house can have an effect on something else connected to your network – and that’s exactly what’s happening in these cases. That’s because the 3rd Gen Apple 4K TV’s Siri Remote is having trouble connecting to the Apple TV.

The result? Intermittent connection issues, often manifesting as laggy responses, slow reaction times and WiFi hopping between requests.

Separating Anxiety

This is one of those things where the more distance between you and the device, the worse it gets. Users are reporting that when they take the Apple 4K TV remote too far away from the device itself, the connection starts acting up.

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So if you’re having these issues and want to keep your remote as close to your Apple 4K TV as you can, here are some tips:

  • Move your Apple 4K TV closer to your router. This will minimize the distance between the unit and your router and get those data packets flying quicker.
  • Relocate your router. Put it in a central location, preferably with no obstructions between the router and your Apple 4K TV.
  • Change the antenna settings. This can help reduce interference from other devices.
  • Try restarting the Apple 4K TV. We know—you’ve heard this one before, but it’s a classic for a reason.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, none of us want to get stuck in a loop of fixing the same problem over and over again. So if your Apple 4K TV is suffering connection issues and your Siri Remote just can’t keep up, try a few of these tips and see if that helps clear things up. And if not, well, we guess you should just order a replacement Siri Remote… somebody’s got to do it, right?

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