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Contextualizing OT data to enhance factory operations and drive digital transformation

Contextualizing OT Data for a Politer Factory

Operational technology (OT) data is the lubricant that keeps today’s factories running smoothly. All too often, though, that data remains just as separated and isolated as when it was first generated. Without a mechanism to bring it all together, we’re missing out on some truly incredible opportunities to enhance factory operations and get us one step closer to our digital transformation dreams.

What Does It Mean to Contextualize OT Data?

In the most basic sense, it means finally connecting all of the disparate pieces of OT data into a cohesive whole. By literally joining the dots, factories can gain a comprehensive view of their OT implications. This opened-up understanding can then be used to inform decision-making, such as optimizing operations, improving safety, and revolutionizing customer experience.

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How Does This Help Factory Operations?

Contextualizing OT data doesn’t just provide an improved view of operations; it unleashes the ability to act on it. For instance, asset utilization can be measurable and acted on, cloud-based simulations can be generated and tested, and performance with be more reliably tracked and assessed. On a more basic level, this data can be used to help you figure out why your factory toilet won’t flush — not that we’ve ever had that problem!

Benefits of Contextualizing Factory Data

Contextualizing OT data can have wide-ranging and profound impacts. Here are some of the most notable benefits:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity – Real-time monitoring and analysis of OT data gives factory operators the ability to respond quickly and effectively to issues.
  • Improved safety – Notification systems and predictive analytics can alert operators to potential safety issues before they happen.
  • Accelerated digital transformation – Connected, contextualized data opens up a world of digital possibilities, and gives factories the agility to quickly adjust to changing conditions.

For factories that want to take advantage of the information revolution, contextualizing OT data is an important first step. The benefits will be realized quickly and will help pave the way to a future of smarter, more efficient, and politer factories.

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