Home Technology ‘Endless Dungeon’ will hit PC, Xbox and PlayStation on May 18th

‘Endless Dungeon’ will hit PC, Xbox and PlayStation on May 18th

Endless Hell Awaits – “Endless Dungeon” Release Date Announced

Are you someone who loves violence and chaos? Do you constantly feel bored and need something to spice up your life? Look no further – reports have just surfaced that the highly-anticipated “Endless Dungeon” game is set to hit all platforms – PC, Xbox and PlayStation, on May 18th!

Unchartered Territory

“Endless Dungeon” is a gruesome and unsettling game that never ends! With each level having more horrifying and hideously deformed monsters than the last, this game could beat all the horror movies out there. Can you handle the terror and make it to the end?

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A Majestic World

The medieval world of “Endless Dungeon” is full of dark secrets and hidden dangers. Players can explore a path of terror-filled lands, each level being darker and darker than the one before! You won’t find anything beautiful or bright here… just blood, gore and curses!

Game Features

Wondering what other features the game might have? Well, here you go:

  • Upgradeable Weapons: With dozens of weapons to choose from, players can upgrade their arsenal to increase their chance of surviving!
  • Challenging Bosses: More than 20 superbosses are waiting to be revealed and defeated!
  • Endless Maze: Players will have to crawl through an endless maze of death and dismay while they battle their way through the levels.
  • Secrets to Uncover: Hidden secrets such as bonus loot, new weapons, and more are awaiting the brave adventurers who dare to find them.


So, here’s to all the monsters out there who can’t wait for the gory mayhem! Mark your calendars for May 18th – that’s when “Endless Dungeon” is going to hit your system, no matter if it’s PC, Xbox, or PlayStation. Just make sure you stock up on supplies, for it might be a long, bloody journey…

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Happy haunting!

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