Home Technology Five months post launch, Android 13 is on 5.2 percent of all devices

Five months post launch, Android 13 is on 5.2 percent of all devices

Android 13 is on the up, 5 Months since Launch

Since its launch five months ago, Android 13 has been soaring in popularity. According to the latest figures, 5.2 percent of all devices are now running Android 13.

The Cartoon Comeback?

It seems like a lifetime since Android’s last cartoon-inspired update, but fans of the long-running series can now rejoice. Android 13’s arrival has seen a real boost to the Android user base, giving us flashbacks to when the franchise first appeared on our screens.

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What’s Released so Far?

So, what new features has Android 13 brought? Well, the latest update has seen a great focus on virtual reality. A new Virtual Reality Mode has been implemented, allowing users to construct their own virtual environment from scratch.

In addition, there have been a host of new tools for developers, including the Codemorph library, which allows for easier development of games and applications. Plus, we now have the Android Experiform, for a whole new level of flexibility.

Why The Rise?

It’s clear to see why Android 13 has proven so popular. We now have access to a level of flexibility that was previously unheard of, with a sleeker, more intuitive UI. Plus, with new tools for developers, it’s easier than ever to create great apps and games.

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Ready To Download

So, if you haven’t tried Android 13 yet, now’s the time to get involved. With the latest update and its new features, Android 13 is one of the most compelling mobile operating systems out there.

Come join in and experience the best of what Android 13 has to offer:

  • A more intuitive UI
  • Virtual Reality Mode
  • Developer tools
  • The Android Experiform

The Android 13 5.2 percent of all devices mark is the perfect way to kickstart your journey with this new update. Come and experience Android 13 for yourself – you won’t be disappointed!

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