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Game developers say they’re not interested in blockchain, metaverse: survey

How Blockchain and the Metaverse Have Been Giving Game Developers the Hump!

It looks like game developers just aren’t that into blockchain and metaverse. According to a recent survey, 57 percent of game developers don’t even want to think about metaverse and blockchain. That’s a huge chunk of the gaming world which isn’t that hip with the latest tech.

So why’s everyone so lukewarm about blockchain and metaverse?

Let’s dive right in and get some clarity! There are a few things putting these technology advocates off the idea:

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  • Decentralized power: Developers are worried that decentralizing power will take control away from them.
  • Complexity: Blockchain can be tricky to navigate and use, it takes a long time to learn and requires a strong set of skills.
  • Unproven track record: Developers fear that pushing blockchain and metaverse could be a waste of resources If the technology doesn’t work how it’s supposed to.

How Have Developers Been Greeting Blockchain and Metaverse?

Game developers have been less than hospitable to blockchain and the metaverse. Here’s how it’s been going down (all in jest, of course!):

  • The Hate-Mailer: The developer who sends you angry emails whenever you mention either of these topics.
  • The Wall of Silence: The developer who simply shuts down the conversation whenever “metaverse” and “blockchain” get brought up.
  • The “Abstainer”: The developer who promises to stay away from blockchain and the metaverse – no matter what.

It looks like game developers aren’t budging on the matter of blockchain and the metaverse. Maybe they’ll come around in time and accept the virtues of these technologies when they get more comfortable with them. Until then, it looks like it’s game over for these ambitious ideas.

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