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How To Self-Publish A Book In A Competitive Digital World

How To Self-Publish A Book In A Competitive Digital World

When you finish writing a book, the next step is to get it published. In today’s world of digital media, self-publishing is a great way to get your book into the hands of readers without having to go through a lengthy and sometimes daunting process with a traditional publishing house.

However, with so many authors going the self-publishing route, it’s not enough to just upload your book, you have to make sure it stands out in a competitive digital world.

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So, to help you find your way, here are some tips:

1. Make Sure Your Book Is Good

No matter how good your marketing and promotion might be, at the end of the day, your book needs to be good and well-written. You can’t fake good writing and no amount of advertising will help if your book is lacking in quality.

Take the time to edit your book and get the help of professionals if you can. You losing a reader’s attention after a few pages won’t help you in the long run.

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2. Get The Word Out

Once you have a great book, it’s time to start getting the word out. You have a range of options for advertising and marketing, including:

  • Social Media – Utilizing social media is a great way to connect with readers, build an audience and increase your visibility.
  • Book Blogs and Reviews – Book Blogs and reviews can be a great way to get your book in the hands of potential readers and increase your chances of making it onto the Bestsellers List.
  • Personal Connections – Don’t forget to use your own networks and establish personal connections with potential readers. A person-to-person connection can go a long way.

3. Make It Easy For Readers To Buy

Once you have your book out there, it needs to be easy for readers to buy. Make sure you have a range of options from different digital retailers so that readers have access to your book no matter what service they use.

Also, make sure the price is just right. Too high or too low, and you’ll miss out on potential readers who don’t want to pay too much or feel like they’re getting a bad deal.

4. Have Fun With It!

Self-publishing doesn’t have to be stressful! Make writing and publishing your book a fun and rewarding experience. As long as you keep writing and building your audience, the rewards will follow!

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Good luck, and have fun!

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