Netflix beat new subscriber expectations by over three million in Q4 2022



Netflix Reaches for the Stars (and Exceeds Expectations) in Q4 2022

It looks like Netflix can do no wrong; in Q4 2022 the streaming giant has literally blown away their own internal subscriber expectations by over three million customers. This news lends to the overwhelming opinion that Netflix is more unstoppable than ever before.

Big Numbers, Big Achievement

Netflix ended the quarter on December 31st, 2022 reporting a staggering global base of 210 million subscribers. It’s no wonder they have become an entertainment behemoth in their own right! Not many companies have surpassed the vaunted 200 million user mark, which speaks volumes about their commitment to the industry.

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Netflix: On Cloud Nine

Netflix is on cloud nine after their latest triumph – not that they weren’t on cloud nine before. The streaming giant continues to roll out content at a breakneck pace. With record numbers in viewership and worldwide success, Netflix continues to be the envy of their competitors.

What’s Next?

It looks like Netflix isn’t about to stop anytime soon. The company has already released so many critically acclaimed films and series, and plans to release even more in the coming months. Here are just some of the highlights:

  • The Witcher – Season 2, taking up from the brilliant first season in 2022
  • The Crown – Series 5, continuing to follow the incredible, tumultuous journey of the British monarchy
  • Tales from the Loop – Series 2, taking up from the thought-provoking first season
  • The Green Room – Series 5, following the lives of the gang of misfits down in the Green Room

Plus, the streaming giant has partnered with some of the hottest names in the media world to release even more interesting, thought-provoking content.

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Bottom Line

The bottom line: Netflix is unstoppable and they continue to up the ante with their content. It never actually goes away – watch something today and it’s still available tomorrow. True bingers delight! And with the amazing numbers of over three million subscribers, you can understand why the industry still looks to Netflix as the gold standard of streaming.

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