Home Technology RED’s V-Raptor cameras can now upload 8K RAW footage directly to Adobe’s Frame.io

RED’s V-Raptor cameras can now upload 8K RAW footage directly to Adobe’s Frame.io

8K RAW from Red’s V-Raptor Camera? Yaaaassssssss!

Have you heard the news? Red’s new V-Raptor Camera can record 8K RAW footage and upload it directly to Adobe Frame.io! That’s right, you don’t have to wait to get back to your studio to process your footage. Just plug in your camera, press record and upload your 8K RAW footage directly to Frame.io – how amazing is that?

Wait, what’s so great about 8K?

If you’re not used to recording in 8K, that’s okay – you’re definitely not alone. 8K recording is still a relatively new concept, but slowly gaining traction in the digital media space. It’s really impressive in terms of image sharpness and resolution. Shooting in 8K gives you ultimate flexibility to crop and reframe your shots without a loss of sharpness.

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8K RAW Footage on Frame.io? A Dream!

The possibility of 8K RAW footage on Frame.io might just be a dream come true for directors and filmmakers who don’t have access to a home studio. No longer do you have to wait until post-production before you can get your visuals to your client – you can do it right away.

What else can you do with Frame.io?

You can do so much more than just upload 8K RAW footage to Frame.io. Here are some of the amazing features Frame.io has to offer:

  • Secure Storage – keeps your data secure with 256-bit encryption and backups
  • Intuitive Collaboration – make notes, share files, review clips, and approve projects with your team, clients, and partners
  • Cloud-Based Video Editing – edit projects in the cloud and access files from anywhere
  • Integrations – over 100 app and software integrations, including Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Premiere Pro

Ready to get started with 8K RAW Footage on Frame.io?

If you’re ready to start using 8K RAW footage on Frame.io, all you need to do is download the Frame.io app and start shooting. So, go ahead and get started! You won’t regret it.

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