Home Technology The best smart switches and dimmers: The foundation of your smart home

The best smart switches and dimmers: The foundation of your smart home

Making Your Home Smart: The Best Smart Switches and Dimmers

If you’ve ever wanted to turn your home into something out of The Jetsons, then some smart switches and lighting dimmers are just the thing you need. (I mean, robots and voice control are great, too, but let’s just take it one step at a time.) These are the perfect foundation for controlling your home’s lighting and can truly take your smart home dreams and make them reality — it’s like magic! Plus, with a variety of options out there and price budgets for every household, there’s something for everyone (and their robot friends).

The Best Smart Switches and Dimmers

Here’s our top picks for the best smart switches and dimmers, just right for laying down the lighting and automation foundations in your high tech home.

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  • PhilipsHue – Used by home automation pros and newbies alike, this system is one of the most well-known when it comes to smart lighting control. Pricey but worth it, the Hue system allows you to control, dim and schedule your lighting from anywhere — and the bulbs even come with fun colors.
  • Wemo Mini Smart Switch – If you’re looking for a simpler setup, the Wemo mini is the perfect device for you. However, it’s still packed with features and you can control it from anywhere with its app. Plus, it works with Alexa and Google, so you can set up automated routines from your voice.
  • Lutron Caseta Dimmer – This dimmer has it all, from voice control to sun-based scheduling, so it sets up the perfect smart switch system for your home automation needs. It’s also compatible with a wider range of bulbs, including dimmable LEDs, halogen and incandescent, so you can stick to your preferred brand.
  • Insteon 2477s SwitchLinc – This switch is already one of the best options out there, but when you add Insteon’s unique mesh network technology, it turns into an automation powerhouse. Plus, its dual-band system allows you to connect your devices offline and its app lets you customize any setting you want.

So if you’re ready to take your home into the automation age, these intelligent switches and dimmers are perfect for the job. You’ll be unlocking the true potential of your home in no time — just make sure your robot friends don’t take all the credit for your brilliant setup!

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