Home Technology Top AI startup news of the week: AI21 Labs, Mad Street Den, aiOla, and more

Top AI startup news of the week: AI21 Labs, Mad Street Den, aiOla, and more

The coolest AI startups of the week: AI21 labs, Mad Street Den, aiOla and more!

Hey there tech buffs!
It’s time we all get a bit of an update on the devilishly cool AI startups that have been emerging. But worry not, we aren’t going to get all serious on you – we will cover the news of the week with humor, fun, and lots of pizazz!

AI21 Labs – Making Machine Learning easier

AI21 Labs, is the only startup this week that is getting an award for its superpower. They have developed a product called textAI that makes machine learning simpler. It allows users to build custom models from text data quickly and easily. It does this with the help of algorithms that automatically detect patterns in text-based datasets.

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With textAI, AI21 Labs proclaims to make it easier for the masses to become ML savvy. So score one for the good guys this week!

Mad Street Den – Riding the AI wave with style

Mad Street Den, your friendly neighborhood AI startup is taking a bold step towards making artificial intelligence more accessible. They’ve announced their new product: AI Junction, a powerful platform that enables developers to quickly and easily build intelligent software products. Pretty cool, right?

In addition to this, they are also teaming up with Amazon Alexa to integrate AI into their product. Now that’s how you make waves!

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aiOla – AI for the people!

aiOla, the ever-so-clever AI startup is out to make the application of AI easier and more accessible to the masses. Their flagship product, an AI-powered development platform, is designed to help developers rapidly build advanced, AI-driven applications with no coding necessary.

This is definitely one of the coolest AI startups this week – they are using AI to put the power in the hands of the people.

Other cool AI startups to watch out for

Other AI startups making news are:

  • Prompsit Language Engineering: Prompsit creates powerful intelligent platforms to help you learn any language.
  • ChromoLife: ChromoLife is using AI to revolutionize healthcare and make it easier for people to manage their own health.
  • MachLearn: MachLearn develops predictive machine learning models for businesses.

So there you have it folks – the amazing AI startups that are making waves this week! Be sure to check them out and keep an eye out for what other cool developments they have in store.

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