‘Tron 3’ may finally be happening with Jared Leto



It’s happening! Tron 3 may actually be happening… with Jared Leto!?

We have some exciting news – ‘Tron 3’ may finally be happening, and rumor has it that the one and only Jared Leto will be involved too! The sequel to 2010’s ‘Tron: Legacy’ is one of those projects that we’ve all been waiting patiently to see come to life, and it looks as though that wish might finally come true.

Who is Jared Leto?

That’s right, Oscar-winning actor Jared Leto is reportedly taking on the new role. If you’re not familiar with Leto, here’s what you need to know:

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  • Movie star: Leto is well known for his acting roles in films such as ‘Suicide Squad’, ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ and ‘Blade Runner 2049’.
  • Musician: Leto is also a multi-talented musician who has been the frontman of the rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars since 1998.
  • Award-winner: Leto is the only actor in history to have won the ‘triple crown’: an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

Why is this news so exciting?

We’re pretty sure this news has got fans of the ‘Tron’ franchise equally excited and nervous. Excited to finally see a sequel, and nervous because – let’s be honest – Tron didn’t have the best track record when it comes to sequels. But with the one and only Jared Leto taking on a role, we feel pretty optimistic.

We can’t wait!

There’s still not a lot of details about the upcoming project but based on what we’ve heard, it looks like ‘Tron 3’ might actually be happening – and be epic! We’ll definitely keep you updated as more information comes in – in the meantime, who or what do you think will show up in the sequel?

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