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Ubisoft cancels team battle game ‘Project Q’

No More Project Q? Say it ain’t so!

We’ve got some pretty sad news for gamers out there. Ubisoft has just announced the cancellation of the hotly anticipated title Project Q. This team-based battle game was set to change the landscape of the gaming world as we know it, and its loss is being heavily felt.

What was Project Q?

For those yet to hear of Project Q, this game would’ve set a high bar when it came to team-based shooters. It was set to combine the beloved PvE aspects of massively multiplayer online games with the twitch skills needed for first-person shooters. All of this, coupled with an expansive world, constructed with Ubisoft’s renowned attention to detail, meant that this was going to be something special.

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What About Refunds?

Anybody who pre-ordered this game or any other associated products will be refunded as soon as possible. However, as always, there’s a wait as all of the refund processes are handled.

Why was Project Q Cancelled?

Well, according to Ubisoft, the world just wasn’t ready for Project Q. This might sound like a cop-out excuse, but any avid gamer has probably noticed that the gaming industry is incredibly volatile. It is incredibly hard to get things right and to make sure that the product is just right before launch. To cut a long story short, Ubisoft decided that it just wasn’t ready to give the world Project Q and as such, they pulled the plug on the project.

What now?

Well, this leaves the world of gaming a bit worse off, but don’t worry folks, Ubisoft has not gone anywhere. Unlike Def Jam’s fight for New York, Project Q won’t be coming back anytime soon. However, Ubisoft doesn’t plan to go off the grid and has hinted that something new, something incredibly different and perhaps even more insane, is on the horizon.

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Real Hopeful Thoughts

In spite of Project Q’s cancellation, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. Ubisoft has been a development powerhouse for decades now, and they seem to always be on the front-lines of innovation. As such, they are sure to be working on something else that will continue to push the boundaries of gaming. So, keep your eyes and ears open, because you never know what Ubisoft might come up with next. Here’s to hoping it isn’t canceled too!


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