You can now subscribe to Twitter Blue on Android



Twitter Launches “Blue” Subscription On Android!

Haven’t found the motivation to tweet lately? Well the long wait is over, as Twitter just announced a new subscription service they are calling “Twitter Blue”. It’s exclusively available on Android and you’ll get all sorts of amazing perks, so it’s definitely time to charge up that ol’ phone of yours and subscribe right now!

What’s Included?

This is the real reason we’re all here and I’m sure you’re excited to see what Twitter Blue has to offer:

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  • Exclusive Color Themes – Choose from a range of vibrant, lively themes that will make your tweets stand out in the crowd!
  • Take Back What You Say – With the magic of Twitter Blue, take back those words you regret tweeting with a click of a button. Oh, and you can also edit typos.
  • More Time To Call A Friend – Schedule tweets ahead of time, so nobody knows you’re tweeting from bed – talk about power moves.
  • Customize All The Things! – Ditch the mundane and give your profile a personal flair – customize emojis, fonts, backgrounds, and more.

Time To Hop On The Twitter Train!

It doesn’t get much better than that, so what are you waiting for? With Twitter Blue, you’ll finally make the most out of that tweeting habit of yours. Break the news like a king, cherish creative freedom with personality-filled profile overhauls, or schedule your tweets even while dreaming – the choice is yours.

It’s time to hop on the Twitter train and show the world that you mean business. Plus, if you tweet about your subscription publicly, you can expect a sweet reward of a free Facebook Messenger Bag!

And that’s the bottom line – signing up for Twitter Blue will make your life so much more awesome! So, it’s time to put that phone to good use and subscribe today. Twitter will be happy, your followers will be happy, and most importantly, you’ll be happy!

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Let’s get start tweeting!

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