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Courtside Ventures raises $100M fund for sports, collectibles, wellness and gaming

Courtside Ventures scores big with $100 Million Fund

We all know that following your dreams takes hard work and dedication. Well, it also helps to have some rich friends! Courtside Ventures: a venture fund focused on the intersection of entertainment and sports, recently raised $100 million for investments. The funds will go towards companies involved in sports, collectibles, wellness, and gaming.

This is a huge deal for the sports and gaming industries, and the people who are passionate about them. Here are some of the amazing investments that Courtside will be making:

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Courtside Ventures isn’t just throwing their money around, they are investing in companies with innovative ideas. A few of these include:

  • Hype Sports which focuses on amplifying the youth sports experience.
  • Winning Plays, which is creating tools to revolutionize the way teams scout prospects.
  • NOoSE which brings professional sports insights to the amateur athlete.


Sports aren’t the only thing that people can collect! The fund will also be investing in the future of the collecting world. Here are some of the collectible focused investments made:

  • Flip Collectibles which is making fantasy sports memorabilia more accessible.
  • PaperSt, which focuses on making physical collectibles more valuable.
  • SWAG Up which puts an emphasis on creating authentic fan experiences with physical collectibles.

Wellness and Gaming

It’s not just sports and collectibles that Courtside Venture is making investments for. The fund also has plans for wellness and gaming companies, such as:

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  • Sworkit, which is creating digital lifestyle programs to help people meet their wellness goals.
  • Broccoli, which looks at increasing the presence of healthy, natural, and organic food.
  • Roblox, which gives developers the tools to create engaging virtual worlds for gamers.

The world of sports and gaming has plenty of innovative companies and opportunities. Courtside Ventures is ensuring that these companies have the resources they need to make their dreams a reality. Here’s to more success stories to come!

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