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Easy Ways to Save a Few Extra Dollars Each Month in 2023

Easy Ways to Save a Few Extra Dollars Each Month in 2023

Are you looking for simple ways to save a few extra dollars each month in 2023? With the world getting crazier by the second, nobody wants to be caught without some extra cash in their pockets these days. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways you can save a few extra dollars without having to give up too much.

1. Cancel Unused Subscriptions

There are plenty of subscriptions you might have signed up for but no longer use. Gym memberships, streaming services, online classes, and more – you’d be surprised the amount of money you can save by getting rid of all of those things you don’t even use anymore. So check your budget and get rid of all those subscriptions you don’t use!

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2. Refrain from Impulse Shopping

Having a shopping addiction can get a little expensive – especially if you’re not careful about what you spend your money on. To save a few extra dollars, try being mindful about the things you’re buying, and avoid going on impromptu shopping sprees.

3. Treat Yo’self…But Not Too Much

Of course, treating yourself is super important, but try to find a good balance and don’t go overboard. Instead of getting the most expensive item at the store, look for the best deals. And if you decide to splurge, make sure you can actually afford it.

4. Plan Your Meals

Another great way to save some extra cash is by planning your meals. Take a look at all the meals you can make with the groceries you already have, and make a grocery list of only the items you need. This way, you won’t end up buying things you don’t need or already have at home.

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5. Give Away Unused Items

Everyone has things lying around their house that they no longer use. Why not make a few extra dollars by selling or donating these things? You can also get your friends and family involved, and have a fun garage sale where everyone can make some extra cash.

6. Take Advantage of Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are a great way to get discounts and freebies – so why not take advantage of those? Sign up for loyalty programs at the stores you frequent, and you can get the perks of the program. Also, make sure to check out promotional offers in store to save a few extra dollars on items you’re buying.

7. Free Up Your Time

Do you find yourself spending a lot of time on activities that don’t really benefit you? Try to focus on activities that can make you more money or help you save a few extra dollars. And don’t forget to use apps like Ibotta or cashback websites to get money back on items you are already buying.


Saving a few extra dollars doesn’t have to be complicated – by following these simple tips, you can easily save some extra money each month in 2023 and beyond. So give these tips a try, and who knows – you might be a few extra bucks richer by the end of the year!

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