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Game devs remain skeptical about metaverse and blockchain projects | GDC survey

The Rollercoaster Ride of Blockchain Projects and the Metaverse

As technophiles and devotees of science fiction optimism ourselves, we can’t help but get a little pumped up by all of the talk of “Metaverse” projects and “blockchain-backed projects”. Everyone wants to be a part of the Internet’s next big revolution, but it looks like game devs are far from sold on the idea.

According to a recent survey conducted by the Game Developers Conference, 74 percent of developers either don’t understand or aren’t interested in exploring the potential of blockchain for their projects faster, safer, or in any other way. Those numbers may be a bit surprising for those of us with our heads in the virtual reality and cryptocurrency clouds, but the message is pretty clear- winning over the game dev community is going to be an uphill battle.

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So, in the name of curiosities, let’s take a closer look at the state of blockchain projects and the metaverse. Here’s what the skeptics had to say:

Developers Don’t Fully Grasp the Potential of the Technologies

It may come as a shock to some, but the GDC survey found that game devs simply don’t understand the potential of what a blockchain underlying a game or a full-blown metaverse could actually do. Many respondents cited a lack of trust in the technology and confusion regarding what blockchain could do for them.

Developers Don’t Think the Time is Right

Another reason some developers are taking a pass on blockchain, it seems, is because they don’t think the timing is right. Despite all the hype, many respondents said that the technology isn’t fully mature or ready for prime time.

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Fortunately, there’s still a glimmer of optimism. A surprising 37% of developers that responded to the survey said that they’re willing to give blockchain a chance if it can prove to be a viable platform for their games.

That brings us to a final interesting point-

Developers Are Open to Change, But Have Reservations

Yes, it’s true – developers are open to the idea of the metaverse and blockchain, but they’re apprehensive. A lot of the developers surveyed said they’re still skeptical of the technologies, even though they understand that blockchain could potentially offer some unique opportunities.

So while there are still some reservations among game devs, there’s still hope that blockchain and the metaverse could revolutionize game development – and a chance that developers will give it a chance and make the leap when the timing is right.

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