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Globalive launches new public push against Rogers-Shaw merger

Globalive mobilizes to derail Rogers-Shaw merger

At last, there is hope. After months of rumors and speculation, Globalive has stepped up their game to challenge the proposed Rogers-Shaw merger. The media giant’s rapid expansion plan has left Canadians feeling helpless and unheard, but Globalive is determined to change that.

What has Globalive done?

Globalive has launched an aggressive public awareness campaign to educate Canadians on the pros and cons of the proposed merger of two of their biggest telecoms. Its mission? To convince Canadians that the mega-merger is not in their best interest, and rallying them to get behind the cause.

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What do Globalive have to say?

Globalive has sent out a strong message: they are not just another telecom brand. They are advocates for a fairer telecom industry, where Canadians can benefit from choice and competition.

“This is not just about Globalive, it’s about us standing together as Canadians to oppose an unfair market proposal that stacks the odds against us. This merger is a bad deal for Canadians, and we think it’s worth fighting for,” says Globalive CEO, Anthony Lacavera.

How can Canadians get involved?

Globalive has urged Canadians to speak up and make their voices heard. Here are some of the ways Canadians can get involved:

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  • Sign the #StopTheMerger petition. Globalive has set up an online petition to oppose the Rogers-Shaw merger and are calling on Canadians to join the campaign.
  • Write to regulators. Canadians can reach out to regulatory bodies to make their concerns about the merger heard.
  • Share with your networks. Raising awareness about the proposed Rogers-Shaw merger is an easy way for Canadians to put their two cents in.

It hasn’t been easy, but Globalive has given Canadians hope that they can fight against the overwhelming power of corporate giants. And that’s something we can all get behind.

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