Home Technology Microsoft shutters AltspaceVR amid company-wide layoffs

Microsoft shutters AltspaceVR amid company-wide layoffs

AltspaceVR Says Goodbye

It’s the end of an era for AltspaceVR, the social virtual reality platform that held the promise of allowing people to hang out in an immersive 3D environment, free from the interruptions of the real world. This week, Microsoft announced that it was closing the seven-year-old service that was once a leader in the emerging virtual reality industry, with deep disappointment echoed throughout the platform’s community.

The End Of AltspaceVR

In the official announcement, Microsoft cited economic realities as the reason for AltspaceVR’s demise. This comes in the midst of larger company-wide layoffs happening in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. With limited resources for the service, it was decided that the best course of action for Microsoft was to shut AltspaceVR down for good.

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AltspaceVR’s Legacy

There’s no doubt that the closure of AltspaceVR is a huge loss for the virtual reality community. Over the years, the platform had grown to become a major hub for socializing and interacting in the virtual space, offering everything from virtual concerts and comedy shows to trivia nights and even board game nights. That’s why the news of its closure has come as a shock to many.

Despite the sadness, AltspaceVR has left a valuable legacy in its wake. It introduced millions of people to the possibilities of the virtual world, showing us all just how powerful, entertaining, and immersive it can be. For that, AltspaceVR will live on in our memories.

A Thank You From AltspaceVR

True to its nature, AltspaceVR is going out with a bang. The team has promised to host one final, big blowout party for its users, with the hashtag #altparty going around the platform. It’s a chance for those who’ve been a part of the AltspaceVR community over the years to come together one last time and say farewell.

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So, if you’re one of the many fans of AltspaceVR, be sure to join in on the #altparty and give the platform a proper send off.

Here’s to you, AltspaceVR! We’ll miss you.

Some Final Thoughts:

With AltspaceVR’s abrupt departure comes a reminder that the “future” doesn’t always come to fruition in the way we might have expected. But despite the sadness, AltspaceVR has left an invaluable mark on the virtual world, and for that, it will not be forgotten.

  • Goodbye AltspaceVR, you will be missed!
  • Thank you for introducing us to the world of virtual reality.
  • Stay safe, and don’t forget to join in on the #altparty!

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