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Nintendogs could be making a comeback on iOS and Android

Nintendogs Could be Making a Comeback!

Are you an ’90s kid who spent way too many hours playing Nintendogs on the DS? Well, if the rumours are true, you’ll soon have the chance to do it all over again! It’s been reported that Nintendogs could be making a comeback on iOS and Android phones.

Though the report hasn’t been confirmed by Nintendo, the Internet is abuzz with rumors that the beloved puppy raising game will be back and available to download soon – but only if you own a handheld device like an iPhone or Android smartphone.

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What We Can Expect

The new game will no doubt incorporate some of Nintendo’s iconic features, such as the ability to train and customize your pet with a variety of accessories and activities. Nintendogs also likely comes with improved motion controls and a more intuitive user interface.

Reports are also saying that the game will come with the same level of
high-quality graphics we came to expect from Nintendo – so basically, everything we loved about the DS game, but better!

What We Can Hope For

While we don’t know much about the upcoming version of Nintendogs, we do have a few wishes for the beloved game:

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  • Improved pet AI: We’d love to see our furry friends act a bit smarter (or maybe a bit sillier).
  • Accessibility options: Over the years, video games have become more and more accessible – and Nintendogs should follow the same path! Options for those of us with color-blindness, hearing impairments, and other disabilities are important.
  • More varied activities: We all want more ways to play with our puppies! Think agility contests, flyball, and more.

At the end of the day, however, all we want is a few hours of cuddles, playtime, and fetch with our Nintendogs. We can only hope and cross our fingers that this new iteration of the game lives up to the original.

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