Home Technology Samsung Display shows off futuristic waterdrop hinge that folds in and out

Samsung Display shows off futuristic waterdrop hinge that folds in and out

Say Goodbye To Traditional Hinges: Samsung Display’s Waterdrop Hinge Is Here

Gone are the days of clunky, traditional hinges. Samsung Display is here to shake up the way we think about hinges by introducing its new ‘waterdrop’ hinge. This unique hinge folds in and out like a water droplet, allowing for seamless convenience and futuristic technology- all in one!

Here’s What To Expect From The New Waterdrop Hinge:

  • A Sleek & Unique Design:The waterdrop hinge is made from the finest materials and looks nothing like traditional hinges; it adds a touch of futuristic-style that no other hinge can match.
  • Lightweight & Easy to Use:The waterdrop hinge is lightweight, making it super simple to open and close. Plus, it won’t take up a ton of unnecessary space in your home.
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  • High Durability:Samsung Display’s waterdrop hinge is built to last with high-grade materials and corrosion-resistant coating, making sure it won’t rust or break.

The Future Is Here!

What’s even more impressive is that the new waterdrop hinge uses ‘IntelliRoll’ technology, which allows the hinge to make a seamless transition when it’s opened and closed. This means that it will do its job without making any noise or putting strain on the hinge itself.

The future of hinges has arrived! Samsung Display has made its mark with this new technology and every user will reap the benefits of its innovation. So if you’re looking for a lightweight, durable and fashionable switch from traditional hinges, the waterdrop hinge is your solution!

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