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T-Mobile data breach compromised 37 million customers’ data

Say Goodbye to Your Privacy, 37 Million T-Mobile Customers!

Bad news for customers of T-Mobile, as the company recently announced a data breach that compromised sensitive data of 37 million customers. The following information was leaked into the public internet: names, addresses, zip codes, telephone numbers, email addresses, account numbers, and more. It should go without saying, but it gets worse: hackers now have access to customers’ credit card numbers AND personal identification numbers (PINs).

Forget About “Security”, We’re Sabotaged!

So much for the thought of T-Mobile for “offering the latest devices, plans, and technology”. That sense of security is about as secure as a wet paper bag. A whopping 37 million customers now have to worry about their personal data being shared and abused. Great move, T-Mobile.

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What’s Next for T-Mobile Customers?

The thought alone is horrifying. We recommend that you take the following steps to protect your information:

  • Change your passwords – Your passwords are now less secure than ever, so creating new, strong passwords is a must.
  • Keep an eye on your bank accounts – To protect your financial information, check your bank accounts every day or set up alerts.
  • Double-check with your credit report – Make sure to check your credit report for any suspicious activity or comments that don’t belong to you.

What’s Next For T-Mobile?

The biggest challenge left for T-Mobile is to somehow regain the trust of their customers. A data breach of this magnitude will surely cause many to switch telecommunication providers in the near future. Perhaps ironically, all existing customers will now qualify for a free year of credit monitoring protection from Experian…LOL. Talk about a consolation prize.

It’s only a matter of time before T-Mobile issues an official apology. We will wait and see if their apology is enough to make up for what has already been done. Until then, keep your information safe, everyone!

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