Home Technology 80 percent of Twitter’s full-time staff has evaporated under Musk

80 percent of Twitter’s full-time staff has evaporated under Musk

The Dust Has Settled On 80% Of Twitter’s Full-Time Staff: Elon Musk Strikes Again!

It seems that Elon Musk has struck again and this time, it appears to be Twitter that’s become the latest victim of the infamous ‘Musk Fade’. 80% of Twitter’s full-time staff has been let go, creating a huge ripple effect in the industry.

What Caused This?

Speculation is rife as to why this has happened – some suggesting that Musk’s over-reliance on automation has led to a situation where Twitter simply can no longer afford to keep paying wages for all of its staff. Others point to a combination of the pandemic and the effects it’s had on businesses, plus the age of being able to access Twitter through different sources for free – meaning Twitter no longer generate the same revenue.

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The Unfortunate Reality Of The Situation…

The reality is, no matter what the source, lots of people have been let go and it doesn’t look likely that many of them will be returning. If you have family or friends who were employed by Twitter, now might be the time to check in with them and lend a helping hand if you can.

How Can We Cope?

In times like these, when we hear stories like this, it can be disheartening and hard to come to terms with. Here are some suggestions for coping with this news:

  • Stay positive – although it may seem hard, it’s important to stay positive and be supportive to those affected.
  • Stay informed – keep checking the various channels so you can stay informed with the latest news.
  • Stay connected – as mentioned above, it’s important to check in with family and friends in this difficult time.
  • Spread the word – it’s important to spread news like this so people can create a discussion and help those in need.

The Future For Twitter

It’s hard to say what the future holds for Twitter and their full-time staff. It’s likely that their current position won’t continue and there could be more changes further down the line. We can only hope that those affected find employment elsewhere and continue to work in the tech field.

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For now, the dust appears to have settled on 80% of Twitter’s full-time staff and we can only keep our eyes open to see what the future holds.

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