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Meta takes Ukraine’s controversial Azov Regiment off its dangerous organizations list

Azov How? Azov No More!

A small but important victory has been accomplished in Ukraine this week – the highly controversial Azov Regiment has been taken off the dangerous organization list maintained by Meta – a Ukrainian-based media company. It’s a decision that has been both heavily praised and heavily criticized, but what’s more important is that the Ukrainian government can (finally) put their focus on more important matters.

Why Was Azov On the List to Begin With?

The Azov Regiment has been a subject of controversy and suspicion due to its extreme right-wing ideologies. This type of dangerous activity has earned the group its undesirable page on the Meta list of dangerous organizations. But it appears that the company has recently reversed the blacklisting after re-examining their sources and realizing that the Azov Regiment hasn’t actually engaged in activities that could be legally labeled as “terrorism” or “extremism” – criteria for being on said list.

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Bulwarking or Normalizing?

Even after being absolved from any criminal activity that could warrant blacklisting, the question of whether or not the regiment should have remained on the list still lingers. On one hand, it’s seen as a victory for free speech and a bulwark against authoritarian governments, while on the other, it’s seen as a legitimizing of the controversial group’s ideologies.

Civil Rejoicing

At the very least, most everyday citizens of Ukraine seem to be happy with the decision and believe that it will help prevent the government from being distracted by any political disputes. Now, the Ukrainian government can focus on more important issues – like how to make this article funnier.

So What Now?

The decision to take Azov off the list is done and dusted, but it’s unlikely to be the last time we’ll see public debate about the controversial organization. Either way, the Ukrainian government can now move forward without worrying about the Azov Regiment, and maybe finally;

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Break out of the cycle of controversy and chaos, and into a brighter future.

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