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Apple’s 2024 iPad Pro could feature significant redesign

Apple’s 2024 iPad Pro: The Year of the (Major) Redesign

If you’re feeling a little bit daring then you can make the bold prediction that Apple will release a new iPad in the year 2024. What’s even bolder is that it’s supposed to feature a significant redesign. That’s right friends, according to the latest flurries of rumors, Apple aren’t happy resting on their laurels and are looking to totally shakeup the iPad Pro design.

Here’s What to Expect from the 2024 iPad Pro

The jury is still out on exactly how the new iPad Pro will differ from the current crop of models, but if the rumors are true we could be seeing some exciting changes:

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Fabricated Out of Space-Age Materials

The current iPad Pros are made of good old-fashioned metal and glass, but the 2024 model could usher in a new way of creating Apple devices. We’re hearing whispers of some kind of space age material which could revolutionize the way we feel our iPads.

Tiny But Powerful

The latest iPad Pros were already pretty svelte, but the 2024 model could marvel us even more with an even slimmer form factor. Yet inside we’re again hearing whispers of a powerhouse, which could pack some serious processing power.

Say Goodbye to Touch ID

Another notable change could be the long overdue replacement of the Touch ID feature with the more reliable Face ID technology. This would make it much easier to secure and unlock your device, as well as allow you to use Apple Pay to make payments.

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A Smarter Pen

Finally, Apple could use their advanced technology to make their trusty drawing pen even smarter. This could include an improved level of pressure sensitivity to make drawing on your device even more exact and real.

The Bottom Line

So there you have it: Apple’s potentially groundbreaking iPad Pro for the year 2024. Although it remains unconfirmed, the combination of revolutionary materials, powerful processing and intuitive features could make this one of Apple’s best devices yet!

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