Home Technology Nvidia’s eye contact feature looks creepy as hell

Nvidia’s eye contact feature looks creepy as hell

Nvidia’s Eye Contact Feature Looks Creepy as Hell!

The tech giant Nvidia recently unveiled a groundbreaking new feature that could revolutionise the way we communicate with one another. However, no matter how innovative and helpful this new feature is, there’s one thing that we can definitively agree on and that is: Nvidia’s eye contact feature looks freaking creepy as hell!

Let’s just break this down for a moment: here we have a feature that augments eye contact between those having a conversation so that it feels more natural and lifelike, even when on video chat. Sounds pretty cool and useful, right? Well, not so fast…

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Because here’s the thing: when implemented on video calls, this feature makes you look like a creepy robot who’s studying every individual pixel of your face for a malevolent purpose. No wonder it feels so creepy then!

At the risk of sounding completely irrational and overreacting, here are just a few of the totally creepy things you can expect from this technology:

3 Reasons Why Nvidia’s Eye Contact Feature Looks Creepy as Hell

  • It turns “chatting with others” into a weird robotic experience.
  • It completely changes your facial expressions in an uncomfortable way.
  • It stares at you with a steely gaze, knowing things it shouldn’t.

Yes, I know face tracking technology is a neat concept and can be used to create some awesome effects, but sometimes tech companies try to take things too far – like with this one. Not to mention, it has the potential to totally distract its users from actually having an organic conversation due to its strange behavior.

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So, yeah, as much as this has the potential to be used for good, Nvidia’s eye contact feature just looks creepy as hell. Until then, could we please keep devices and technology out of our conversations? Thanks.

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