Home Technology Riot Games may delay ‘League of Legends’ patch following cybersecurity breach

Riot Games may delay ‘League of Legends’ patch following cybersecurity breach

Riot Games Gives Data Breach the Old “Can You Plead It?”

Looks like Riot Games was hacked and data stolen. But what does this mean for the upcoming patch for League of Legends (LOL)? Well, let’s just say that Riot’s having the same reaction you do when you encounter something overwhelming – PANIC!

Data Breach: What Do We Know?

The good news is that Riot is taking steps to make sure the hacker(s) don’t get away. Here’s what we know:

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  • Data was stolen: Reports indicate that all the hacker(s) got away with was usernames, email addresses, salted password hashes, IP addresses, and some first and last names… nothing too extreme at least.
  • Steps taken: Riot has promptly shut down the site that was hacked and has reset all passwords and API keys. Additionally, they have put two-factor authentication in place.

What Does The Data Breach Mean For The Patch?

The data breach has put the upcoming patch for League of Legends (LOL) in jeopardy. Riot has released a statement that the patch may need to be delayed in order to “ensure the safety of our players’ data.”

It’s not the funnest news for all the players out there who have been waiting for the new patch to drop, but hey, safety first, right? So hold tight, summoners: Riot Games is doing the best they can to protect your data and get that patch out ASAP.

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In the meantime, why not soak up the LOL community and improve your skills? There’s always room to find new strategies and get better at the game, even in the absence of a new patch. So until Riot can ensure the safety of our user data and the patch is released, make sure you’re warming up those fingers and perfecting your gaming skills!

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