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Apple may have scrapped plans for a new HomePod mini

A HomePod Mini Too Good To Be True

If you’re anything like me, you may have been looking forward to Apple’s new HomePod Mini. Bigger sound than the original HomePod, smaller design, more affordable: what’s not to love?

Alas, Apple has reportedly scrapped plans for a new HomePod mini. Cue the collective groan from Apple enthusiasts around the world.

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But don’t despair just yet! Apple may only be taking a brief pause from its miniature smart speaker ambitions. Here are a few potential ideas in the mix:

It’s Just A Bad Dream

The rumors could be false. Sure, it’s possible people got a little carried away with the thought of a HomePod Mini. After all, we’ve all been holding tight to our wallets during the pandemic, so it stands to reason that a cheaper Apple speaker would sound appealing.

The Wait Might Not Be Too Long

The good news is, Apple could re-visit its plans for a HomePod Mini in the future. All products take some time to develop and get right, so it’s possible Apple was just taking a step back.

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The Future of Home Shenanigans

Apple’s HomPod product line could also be evolving in other directions. The HomePod line has already seen some changes, so it’s only a matter of time until other innovations come to the fore.

Here are a few ideas we might see:

  • A HomePod with virtual assistant support
  • Local media streaming
  • Greater integration with Apple Music

It looks like our dreams of a HomePod Mini will have to wait a little longer. But at least Apple is still innovating!

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