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Fractal takes NFT platform to Polygon and raises funding

Fractal Blasts Off to Polygon with Fresh Funding!

Fractal, the leading non-fungible token (NFT) platform, has officially taken off for interstellar success on the Polygon blockchain. But that’s not all – the NFT Mecca has also just reported a fresh funding round of orbital proportions.

New Frontier

The shift to Polygon is part of Fractal’s grand mission to provide game-changing dApps, markets, and tools that make NFTs infinitely more accessible. Not only will this help raise the profile of the burgeoning industry, but it will also open up new avenues of exploration for Fractal’s creators:

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  • Anarchy exchange: Buy, sell, and trade NFTs with anyone in the universe at any time
  • Scalable markets: Create secondary markets to buy/sell NFTs in real-time
  • InterPlanetary tickets: Cross galaxies with one-way tickets to other systems on the Polygon blockchain

Mega Funding Boost

Onwards and upwards! Fractal has just recorded a record-breaking investment from tech star CasperLabs. This fresh funding is set to power their journey towards the expanding Polygon frontier, allowing them to strengthen their development team, platform infrastructure, and the overall NFT landscape.

It’s proof that this isn’t just any passing fad – NFT tech is here to stay. So if you’re in the interstellar wilds, keep your eyes peeled for Fractal on the Polygon blockchain.

Until then, keep exploring!

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