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Garmin debuts an ECG app, but it’s only available on one smartwatch

Garmin gives us the App-piest of Times

Yes, it’s true – Garmin has debuted an ECG app, but unfortunately it’s only available on one smartwatch – their latest, the Fenix 6X Pro Solar Edition. Not sure why Garmin sent out this somewhat lopsided update, but let’s try to make the best of it, shall we?

It’s worth noting that this app is only available in countries where it has the necessary regulatory approvals and allows users to take on-demand electrocardiogram (ECG) readings, potentially allowing for earlier detection of atrial fibrillation (AFib).

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So What?

If all this makes you want to stop reading, here’s the short version – this app has a lot of potential. It could be used to detect signs of a heart condition, alert users as to changes in the rhythm of the heart or potentially even prevent strokes.

In any case, having this app available on the latest and greatest Garmin smartwatch is a great start.

Irks and Perks

Of course, the downsides to this app launch are that it’s only available on one watch and only available in certain countries. It’s essentially just a prototype at this stage, so don’t expect it to be some all-encompassing medical device.

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But let’s look on the bright side. It’s still a big deal that Garmin has released this app – for some, it could mean having access to medical care in places where the medical infrastructure isn’t strong. For those in regions where the app is available, users now have a powerful tool to monitor their health.


So yes, while it’s slightly annoying that the app is only available on one watch and in certain countries, we still need to give Garmin props for launching this ECG app. It might be just a prototype now but that’s how all major projects start out.

And who knows? Maybe in the future this same app could be available for other smartwatches and in different countries too. Wouldn’t that be app-pily ever after ?


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