Home Technology Microsoft announces multibillion dollar investment in OpenAI

Microsoft announces multibillion dollar investment in OpenAI

Microsoft investing billions into OpenAI has techies smitten

In an exciting move, Microsoft recently announced their announcing their plans for a multibillion dollar investment into OpenAI, the pioneering AI research organization. This move has techies everywhere smitten, and for good reason!

A broad and varied impact

The attention drawn by this major investment transcends artificial intelligence and software development circles, with the potential to impact many areas of technology and the global economy. Those not knowledgeable in tech are bound to take notice.

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It’s a match made in open source heaven

Microsoft stands a good chance of reaping the rewards of their investment due to OpenAI’s dedication to open source technology. Open source software is freely accessible and able to be appropriated in projects, system upgrades and startups, paving the way for extensive development by any and all.

Working towards a sustainable development

The investment marks an agreement with OpenAI that focuses on sustainability, responsibility and trust. Under the agreement, Microsoft commits to further research of artificial intelligence that incorporates ethical principles, helping to ensure responsible development. Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, has even stressed the importance of regulating the AI industry, suggesting that ethical considerations are in the mix with the company’s latest move.

Just one piece of the puzzle

Apart from the noble goals of corporate responsibility, however, this investment sheds light on Microsoft’s hunger for advancing their capabilities within the AI domain.

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Here’s a good analogy to understand this deal in a bit more depth:

  • You have stumbled upon a fantastic, new restaurant
  • You are starving and ready to tuck in, but don’t have the tools to do so
  • The restaurant is so great though, that you decide to get your own cutlery just so you can enjoy the food
  • Microsoft’s investment in OpenAI is like that – a tool to enjoy the mutual benefits of open source technologies

The luckiest among us bear witness to history in the making. Microsoft’s OpenAI venture going full steam ahead is surely the recipe for awesome!

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