Home Technology Two of the Oscars Best Picture nominees were directed by Canadians

Two of the Oscars Best Picture nominees were directed by Canadians

Canadians Take the World By Storm

The 2020 Academy Awards felt like a special night for Canada, as two of the evening’s Best Picture nominees were directed by Canadians – Martin Scorsese-produced The Irishman, directed by Toronto-born Noah Baumbach , and Toronto-shot 1917, directed by Canadian-born Sam Mendes .

As a Canadian, I was beyond proud to see countries of our northern neighbor take home some serious recognition that night!

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Canadian Representation

The Oscars red carpet was filled with Canadian talent, from nominees to presenters. One of the most noteworthy presences on the night was Canadian-born Ellen Page, presenting the Best Picture award with Antonio Banderas.

In her speech, Page made sure to mention the nation-wide pride she personally felt being there, as well as the respect we all felt for the two Canadian directors up for the evening’s big award – a sign of just how far Canadian filmmaking has come in recent years.

Canadian Auteurs

Sam Mendes and Noah Baumbach, in addition to their Best Picture nominations, have both had a number of other critically acclaimed films.

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Mendes’ body of work includes classics like American Beauty and Skyfall, while Baumbach’s filmography includes the universally beloved The Landlord in addition to to his award-winning drama The Squid and the Whale.

Canada Keeps It Up

The success of Canadian directors and industry professionals on the world stage is nothing new, but it can’t be understated.

Honoring Canadian talent at the Oscars sends a strong message to aspiring creators and filmmakers across the nation; if Mendes and Baumbach can make it, so can you!

Here’s to continued Canadian excellence in the film industry. As Jack Nicholson might say, “You can’t handle the Moose!”

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