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4 key ways to empower your remote workforce

4 Key Ways to Empower Your Remote Workforce

Okay, so remote workforces are in right now. If your team is working from their homes, you’ll need to switch up the dynamics to make sure they stay productive and motivated.

But fear not! Here are 4 solutions to get those employees energized and cranking out the work!

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1. Create a sense of community

Just because your workforce isn’t in the same physical location doesn’t mean you can’t still have a sense of camaraderie. Encourage team members to share what they’ve been working on, set up virtual meetings to check-in, or just see how everyone’s doing. Creating an online platform where people can communicate and share information will help strengthen that bond.

Also, don’t be afraid to lighten the mood with a bit of team bonding remotely. Start a video chat for happy hour or plan a virtual game night – think of creative solutions to stay connected and you’ll be set!

2. Make sure everyone has the tools they need

If your employees are going to work remotely, make sure they’re equipped with all the necessary tech to do their job – and do it well. Do they have access to a reliable computer and internet connection? Are they able to securely store working files? Is their software up-to-date?

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The best thing you can do is create a universal list of the must-have tools and provide it to your team. That way, there’s no confusion as to what they should have, and they’ll be able to stay focused on their tasks.

3. Set clear expectations

If your remote workforce is going to operate effectively, everyone should know what’s expected of them. Set goals and create timetables that everyone understands, so everyone knows what they should prioritize and when it should be done.

Plus, don’t forget to make sure your expectations are realistic, either. You don’t want to overload your team with work they can’t possibly complete in the allotted time. That’s just a recipe for frustration and burnout!

4. Show recognition for their efforts

Despite working remotely, your team should know that their hard work is appreciated. Offering incentives, shout-outs and positive reinforcement will show your employees that their efforts are not just visible, but valued.

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Also, providing access to your company newsletter or blog is a great way to keep employees up to date on the team’s successes and highlight those who have gone above and beyond. It’s a great way to celebrate everyone’s victories and inspire others to continue performing well!

You Got This!

With these 4 tips, your remote workforce will be on the fast track to success. Everyone will be feeling connected and working towards the same goal – just like they would in the office.

And don’t forget, it’s not all business. Have a bit of fun with it! After all, is there anything better than working from your comfy couch while sporting your favorite sweats? We think not!

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