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DeepMind’s Edmonton office to shut down

DeepMind’s Edmonton Office: It’s a wrap!

It’s official, DeepMind’s Edmonton office in Alberta, Canada is no more! DeepMind, a London-based organization that works in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) announced the closure of its Edmonton office recently. This news came as a shock to many, but don’t worry, they’ll still be active in two other locations: Mountain View, California and London, England.

If you’re an AI buff, you might be feeling a little blue right now, but fear not – let’s take a closer look at why DeepMind decided to shut down their Edmonton office.

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Why Did DeepMind After Reaching New Heights?

According to a statement released by the company, they are pivoting their focus towards impact in the two remaining offices and putting more resources into certain AI-powered projects. The other reason could very well be financial: DeepMind cut over 25% of its workforce earlier this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Combined with their commitment to invest more resources in their two offices, this could be why DeepMind closed their Edmonton office.

What Was So Special About The Edmonton Office?

DeepMind’s Edmonton office opened in 2018 and was instrumental in the creation of their groundbreaking AI project AlphaStar. AlphaStar is an AI model that uses self-learning algorithms and deep neural networks, and was the first ever Artificial Intelligence to achieve Grandmaster level in the real-time strategy game StarCraft II!

The Edmonton office was also home to some of DeepMind’s top researchers, that work on some incredible AI projects. Having a talented team of researchers dedicated to AI projects is what drove DeepMind’s success in Edmonton, and it’s sad to see it go.

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The Final Goodbye!

The DeepMind Edmonton office may be gone, but their impressive accomplishments remain. And who knows, maybe they’ll come back one day! Until then, we wish all the AI researchers in Edmonton the best of luck as they move on to new and innovative ventures.

So Long DeepMind, Alberta is Sorry to see You Go!

Here’s to you, DeepMind’s Edmonton office! You had a good run and Alberta won’t forget all the awesome achievements that you helped make happen.

What Do People Think of DeepMind’s Closure?

Most people in Alberta, who were aware of DeepMind’s presence, were surprised and a bit sad to hear about its closure. Fellow tech-enthusiasts, researchers, and AI professionals had the following to say:

  • Etienne, an AI researcher: “It came as a real shock to me to hear that DeepMind was closing up shop. I enjoyed working with their amazing, world-leading team and I hope they have success in their new ventures.”
  • Allan, a tech fanatic: “Yup, DeepMind is always doing cool things with AI and it’s too bad that their Edmonton office won’t be able to continue their awesome work. We’ll miss them here in Alberta.”

So there you have it, DeepMind’s Edmonton office is gone, but the work they did will live on! We wish them all the best, and hope they come back soon!

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