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GTA Online PC players hit with game-breaking exploit

GTA Online Players Lose Their Mind Over Game-Breaking Exploit

GTA Online PC players have recently been hit with a game-breaking exploit that has some of them losing their minds. Let’s take a look at this exploit and some of the hilarious reactions from the game’s loyal fanbase.

What is the Exploit?

The exploit, which has yet to be patched, is giving players the ability to duplicate weapons, armor, and money. This means they can duplicate items and quickly get an unfair advantage over other players.

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The Reactions

Of course, players weren’t too happy about this. Here’s some of their best reactions:

  • Bored Panda: “And this is why cheat codes will never die. You can’t shut us PC players out that easily.”
  • Reddit: “I am absolutely disgusted by the lack of support from Rockstar. At least issue a patch ASAP!”
  • Twitter: “GTA deserves a better developer than Rockstar. I’m never playing GTA Online again!”

As you can see, players are not happy about the situation. Many are calling for Rockstar to take action and quickly patch the exploit.


The exploit has caused pandemonium among PC players, with many of the funniest reactions coming from the game’s fanbase. Hopefully, Rockstar will do the right thing and patch the exploit before the level of frustration in GTA Online becomes unbearable.

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