Home Technology Have You Heard of These 6 Amazing Ways to Use AI in Construction?

Have You Heard of These 6 Amazing Ways to Use AI in Construction?

You Won’t Believe These 6 Incredible Ways to Use AI in Construction

It’s been said that tradition and technology can co-exist, and the construction industry is proving this to be true! It may surprise you to know that artificial intelligence (AI) is being used in the construction industry in truly remarkable ways. If you talk to any builder, they will tell you that the time it takes to complete a project is a crucial factor. Now we are discovering how AI is being used within the industry to make that timeline even shorter.

1. Optimizing delivery routes

AI is now being used to optimize delivery routes, meaning that deliveries of materials and equipment to any building site are quicker, smoother and more efficient. Delivery robots loaded with AI capabilities can be used to autonomously deliver goods without human verification, improving both speed and accuracy.

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2. Document management with AI

Tracker bots used for document management are fast becoming one of the most popular applications of AI in the construction industry. AI can extract crucial information out of sources such as proposals, contracts and bills, saving time in reconciling and inputting data. The process is faster and more reliable as AI-driven software can often spot discrepancies between documents and make necessary corrections.

3. Augmenting the field workers

AI can also be used to train field workers on the job. AI-driven augmented reality (AR) can provide real-time data and visualizations useful for building and safety inspections. It also has the potential to help administrators save time and effort in managing workers and subcontractors on site.

4. Autonomous heavy machinery

Robots are now taking the wheel of heavy machinery such as cranes, excavators and forklifts. AI allows machines to be operated with extreme precision, giving the driver full control while removing the risk of hazardous manual errors.

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5. 3D scanning to generate digital twin builds

AI-driven 3D scanning technology can capture a 3D digital twin of any existing building site or structure. This technology can then be used to quickly generate a virtual representation of a structure to assess its condition and plan for necessary changes. This could represent a revolution for building inspections, repairs, and maintenance.

6. Predicting timetable and maintenance schedules

Not only can AI be deployed to optimize on-site operations, but AI algorithms are strong enough to generate predictions about potential roadblocks and solutions to even the most complicated construction projects. These predictions can go beyond planning for a particular project and be used to plan maintenance and servicing schedules for a much larger portfolio of projects.

So next time you go to a building site, take a closer look and see if any AI robots are at work! Who knows, they might be helping bring your footy stadium an extra week faster! So if you’re a construction enthusiast, you have to check out this side of the industry too.

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