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How to Build Business Credit with Bad Personal Credit

How to Build Business Credit with Bad Personal Credit

Are you an entrepreneur struggling to build business credit due to a poor personal credit score? Hey, we’ve all been there. No need to panic – here are some tips for giving your business credit score its own identity and leaving your past behind.

1. Open a Business Bank Account

Establishing a business bank account may seem counterintuitive if you have bad credit, but this is one of the most important ways to demonstrate you are a legitimate business. It also establishes a relationship between your business and a financial institution. When the bank makes a record of your account, they’ll report it to the credit bureaus. Try to keep your bank account in good standing – this is a key factor if you want to establish better business credit.

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2. Get a Business Credit Card

If your business is new and doesn’t have any credit history, it may be hard to get approved for a traditional business credit card. Don’t worry, there are still options! Look for business credit cards that accept your personal credit score and don’t require a personal guarantor. This way you can build your business’s credit scores , rather than using yours.

3. Plan Your Payments

Now that you have a business credit card and bank account to make purchases and manage your money, it’s time to set up a payment plan. The better your payment history, the better your business credit score will be. To stay on track, you may want to consider setting up automatic payments. That way you don’t have to stress about missing a payment deadline .

4. Monitor Your Business Credit Score

Being aware of your business credit score is essential if you want to improve it. There are several credit-monitoring services that enable you to track your score and see areas where you may need to make improvements. Having an understanding of your current credit score can help you make better financial decisions and can help you protect your business.

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Bonus Tip: Consider a Small Business Loan

While credit cards and loans for business are great ways to build business credit, consider a small business loan if you’re in a really tight spot. Make sure you do your research and read a loan’s terms carefully before you apply.

It can take time to repair and build a good business credit score. With these tips, hard work and determination, you can start on the path to financial success. So don’t worry, you’ve got this!

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