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Microsoft and OpenAI officially extend partnership with multi-billion dollar investment

Microsoft and OpenAI Going Big in their Friendship Goals!

Microsoft and OpenAI have been pretty serious besties lately and they’ve just gone to the next level – they’re pretty serious Investment levels. They’re officially extending their partnership with a multi-billion dollar investment! What have Microsoft and OpenAI gotten themselves into? Let’s take a closer look!

The Partnership Details

Microsoft and OpenAI are serious about their partnership and the goals of their investment. Here’s a quick rundown of how it’s going down:

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  • The two companies will jointly develop AI solutions, create new products that ‘leverage technologies of both organizations’, and share exclusive access to each other’s innovations.
  • Microsoft and OpenAI will also share open-source technologies, and they’ve already teamed up to produce AI solutions like GPT-3 and Azure Machine Learning.
  • The companies are investing a multi-billion dollar amount in the partnership and plan to collaborate on AI research and innovation, making sure to ‘accelerate the development of advanced artificial general intelligence.’

Bringing AI to the Masses

This partnership is great news for the world of AI, as it will bring more resources and knowledge to the table. With both Microsoft and OpenAI sharing resources, there’s potential for huge advancements in the area of artificial general intelligence – an AI with the same cognitive abilities as humans. Microsoft and OpenAI’s goal is to make AI available to all, not just the big companies and organisations, by sharing their resources and accelerating innovation.

Why the Multi-Billion Dollar Investment?

Microsoft and OpenAI are paying big bucks to make sure their partnership lasts and they get the results they’re hoping for – advancements in the field of AI. While the multi-billion dollar investment may seem a bit excessive, it’s necessary to have the framework to make these advancements a reality. And with both Microsoft and OpenAI sharing their resources, the potential for breakthroughs in this field is huge!

The Bottom Line

Microsoft and OpenAI are invested in a future that involves AI advancements and they’re putting their (multi-) money where their mouth is. They’re working to make AI technology accessible to everyone, which is why the multi-billion dollar investment makes sense. Microsoft and OpenAI are sure to make huge advancements in the field of AI, cementing their place in the tech giants of the foreseeable future.

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