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Microsoft testing split-screen tabs in Edge

Microsoft Edge About to Join the Split-Screen Tab Craze

Microsoft is finally ready to join the split-screen tab game and give its Edge browser a much needed boost. The Redmond giant has started testing the new feature in its Android version of Edge.

And It’s a Good Idea, Too!

The idea of being able to view several different webpages at once in split-screen view is becoming increasingly popular. Not only does it make it easier to compare two or more pages in an efficient manner, it also saves time by eliminating the need to switch between tabs. So, by adding split-screen functionality to Edge, Microsoft will be giving its browser a competitive edge (no pun intended).

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It Wouldn’t Be Complete Without…

Now, this wouldn’t be any fun if there weren’t a few minor wrinkles added to the mix. And, as usual, Microsoft isn’t holding back. For example, you’ll need to have at least three tabs open in order to make use of the split-screen feature. And considering the size of some websites, that could have huge implications on your phone’s performance.

Nothing to be Worried About?

But don’t worry — Microsoft is likely to have something sorted out in time for the full launch. They have had a few months to plan and test out the feature, so hopefully they can get it right.

The Future is Here!

In any case, this is great news for Microsoft Edge users. Not only does it mean that the good old days of single-tab browsing are well and truly over, but it also highlights how user experience and convenience are being prioritized by the tech giant. Here’s to the future of split-screen tab browsing!

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