Home Technology Snyk and ServiceNow’s strategic partnership shows DevSecOps isn’t a fad

Snyk and ServiceNow’s strategic partnership shows DevSecOps isn’t a fad

Snyk and ServiceNow’s Strategic Partnership- DevSecOps is Here to Stay

It has been said that two is better than one, and the recent strategic partnership between Snyk and ServiceNow is a testament to this.

The joint effort by the two expansive companies points to a dramatic shift towards DevSecOps, a term designed to capture the overlap between development and security in software production. Rather than dealing with security and development as two separate functions, DevSecOps conceptualizes them as one unified process.

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By pairing Snyk, one of the leading players in the software security space, with ServiceNow, a leader in integrating technology within the workplace, the two powerhouses in the industry have created a product the allows DevSecOps to seamlessly be implemented and taken advantage of.

Stop Worrying and Love the Process

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the idea of software production, but DevSecOps reduces the complexity into a concrete and dependable process.

By overlapping development and security, this ensures that every move a developer makes is properly secured, doing away with the worry of whether something is secure or not.

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In addition to basic security, the process also creates flexibility amongst developers, allowing them the freedom to explore different ways of creating a secure product and the tools to quickly debug any problems that may come up in the process of development.

Let’s Get Technical

In the Snyk-ServiceNow partnership, ServiceNow will offer a “Remediate” platform, which functions as a centralized hub of security tools used to fix a variety of code issues. These fixes can range from automatically patching vulnerable software to integrating policies that detect and diagnose any potential security risks.

Snyk will be assisting in the process of remediation by providing its own suite of intuitive security tools, such as its most popular feature which allows users to identify and fix any vulnerabilities in the software.

Endless Opportunities for Innovation

By removing the need for manual processes, like bug fixing and patching, the DevSecOps movement has been able to optimize software production. Plus, the Snyk-ServiceNow partnership only increases the possibilities of what our code-creating capabilities.

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What we Can Expect Next

In the coming months, we can expect to see companies accelerating the process of “shift left” when it comes to software production, meaning that organizations are going to be automating their code-making processes and security testing earlier in the lifecycle.

We can also expected heightened collaboration between development and security teams, as DevSecOps will be requiring the integration and mutual understanding of both departments to function properly.

So, is DevSecOps Here to Stay?

Yes, and thank goodness for that! We can all rejoice in the fact that the Snyk-ServiceNow partnership is just the beginning of a wave of DevSecOps innovation. So, don’t worry, kiddos! DevSecOps is here to stay.

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