Donald Trump will get his Facebook and Instagram accounts back ‘in the coming weeks’



Donald’s Comeback on Social Media!

Donald Trump is making a comeback! Don’t worry — he’s not running for office. Instead, he is coming back to plenty of posts on Facebook and Instagram.

The Reality of the Situation

It’s been pretty quiet on the social media front for Donald Trump since he was banned from Facebook and Instagram in the wake of the Capitol riots. But now, Trump is getting back on our news feeds with posts and videos.

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What Does This Mean?

This means that Trump will be allowed to post on Facebook and Instagram again. His ban will officially be lifted in the coming weeks. That’s right — Trump maniacs can rejoice!

Will His Posts be Monitored?

Yes and no. Facebook has decided to take a softer approach when it comes to monitoring Trump’s posts. He won’t be banned or censored from speaking his mind. But Facebook will keep a watchful eye on his posts to make sure he’s not inflammatory or promoting violence.

Impact of Social Media on Trump’s Reputation

Trump’s social media presence certainly had an influence on his reputation over the past four years. He was able to reach millions of followers with his rants and tirades. Now, it’s possible that these posts will have a different impact. Trump might not be able to stir up the same energy and animosity that he did before.

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Final Thoughts

Regardless of politics, it’s exciting to have Donald Trump back on social media. Whether you love him or hate him, this means you will have plenty of entertainment, debate, and controversy in the coming weeks.

No matter your opinion, it’s time to buckle up and enjoy the drama!

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