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Google’s Find My Device getting ‘Store recent location’ toggle

Google’s Find My Device gets Superhuman Powers!

Good news everyone! Google’s ‘Find My Device’ feature is now even more useful! The team at Google have added a new ‘Store recent location’ toggle for the popular tracking service. Now, it can act like an all-seeing, all-knowing superhero, whenever you need it!

A Superhero to the Rescue

This feature allows you to go back in time and track the device’s movements! Here’s how it works:

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  • Toggle on the ‘Store recent location’ feature – You can now benefit from the ‘Store recent location’ feature by toggling it on in settings.
  • Track the device’s movements – Find My Device will automatically remember the device’s location from the past seven days!
  • Get those superhero vibes – Know exactly what your device is up to and don’t worry about it ever slipping away from you again!

A Fly on the Wall

It’s like having a fly on the wall! You can get intelligence on the whereabouts of your device in a smart and discreet way. With Find My Device, you’ll be able to track the device’s exact location, even if it’s in airplane mode or has been lost or stolen.

Tech Super Powers activated!

We’ve been waiting for this feature for quite some time! And now we don’t need to wait anymore. With the ‘Store recent location’ toggle switched on, you can now activate tech super powers and gain access to your device’s every move!

So, don’t wait any longer, go ahead and activate your superhero skills on Find My Device now!

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