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Microsoft working on File Explorer improvements: report

Microsoft Brings Game-Changing Updates To File Explorer?

File managers aren’t usually thought of as exciting software. But according to a report from WindowsLatest — which you should never trust! — Microsoft is working on some game-changing updates to the venerable File Explorer. Could this be the end of those awkward moments when you can’t find that thing you just downloaded?

New Features You Can Look Forward To

It looks like Microsoft is working on making it easier to access and manage files. According to the report, they’re adding the following features:

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  • Search as you type: You won’t need to type the full filename or path, just type a few key letters and the file or folder will appear.
  • New “unified” view: Microsoft is reportedly removing the distinction between “this PC” and “local storage”, so instead you’ll just have one view instead of two.
  • Favorite folders: Pin your most frequently used folders to the top of the list.

Microsoft is also reportedly making it easier to manage files by adding the following features:

  • Bulk rename: Finally you won’t need to manually type a new filename for each document— you can use a wildcard to apply changes to multiple files at once.
  • Quick look/preview: So you can get a better idea of what that pesky file contains before you open it.

For years, File Explorer was a relic, frustratingly showing its age with every upgrade. It looks like Microsoft is finally taking the time to make it a first-class citizen.

No Word on a Release Date

Unfortunately, there’s no word on when or if these updates will make it to the public. Microsoft hasn’t even officially acknowledged these updates, so take this report with a grain of salt. Still, if — and that’s a big if — these updates become available, it would be a huge improvement over what we’ve been given in the past.

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Here’s hoping we get more tangible news soon!

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