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Minecraft Legends releases on April 18

The Day Of Legends Has Arrived: Minecraft Legends Releases April 18!

It’s time to take off your party hats, it’s time to pour yourself a Mojang-tini: the new expansion to Minecraft, Minecraft Legends, releases April 18.

With this new expansion, Mojang is finally caving to the wishes of adventurous players. Here’s the low-down on what’s coming our way:

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What’s New in Minecraft Legends?

  • Speaking of adventures, this expansion introduces two new story campaigns — one for single players, and one for up to four friends.
  • From a legendary dragon overlord to a new elven kingdom, enjoy never-before-seen boss battles and creative challenges!
  • The new expansion introduces a brand new way of playing with friends. All players now can join forces and form a guild of up to six members and three levels of ranking.
  • New materials and raw ore so you can craft a vast array of items never seen before.
  • Reworked social interactions, so you can commune with your in-game friends in a more satisfying way!

Ready Your Sword (or Pickaxe) and Shield!

It’s time to get your game face on and prepare for a new Age of Legends! This expansion is the most ambitious released yet, and with all the new content you won’t run out of activities to do with your friends.

Or even alone! Thanks to the new story and boss battles available, it’s never been a better time for solo-playing. Are you a fan of Minecraft? Or just looking for new content? This is the expansion for you.

So what are you waiting for? Get downloading and get ready for the most legendary Minecraft experience yet. See you on April 18!

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