MPs question how Rogers picked Vidéotron as fourth competitor



Mystery Surrounds MP’s Selection of Fourth Telecommunications Competitor

Canadians everywhere could be heard asking the same question: why did the Minister of Public Safety pick Vidéotron to be the fourth competitor in the Canadian telecommunication market? Well, according to some MP’s the answer may never be known.

MP’s Offer Speculation

MP’s from across the country have suggested a variety of theories as to why Rogers chose to add the French-based telecommunications giant to the market:

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  • Someone in the Parliamentary office accidentally misspelled Netflix.
  • Someone in the Rogers office rewarded their French-speaking employees for their language skills.
  • A group of MP’s from Quebec took a stand for their provincial pride and comfort zone.
  • A bet was placed with Vidéotron to see if they could beat Bell, Telus, and Shaw in a competitive market.

Rogers Issues Statement

After much speculation, Rogers issued a statement defending their decision- making process. According to their statement, Rogers staff conducted a thorough investigation of the merits of adding Vidéotron as a fourth competitor to the Canadian telecommunications market and ultimately determined that they were a superior choice in terms of cost, technology, and customer service.

Humor Abounds

As could be expected, Canadians have responded to the news with humor and disbelief. Blasted on social media, Rogers’ decision has been criticized for being completely arbitrary and for allowing a French-based competitor to gain entry into a formerly English-dominated market.

At the end of the day, it’s speculated that no one will ever know exactly why Rogers chose to add Vidéotron as the fourth telecommunications competitor in the market. All we can do is laugh at the absurdity of the situation and hope for better luck the next time around.

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