Home Technology ‘Redfall’ brings open-world vampire hunting to Xbox and PC on May 2nd

‘Redfall’ brings open-world vampire hunting to Xbox and PC on May 2nd

Redfall Is Bringing Vampires To Your Xbox and PC On May 2nd!

Summer is coming, and along with it are plenty of monsters to hunt! Redfall is an upcoming vampire- themed game from developer Maple Whispering Limited, set to be released on Xbox and PC on May 2nd. Fans of action and open-world RPG games will not want to miss out on this thrilling title!

Prepare For An Action-Packed Adventure!

This immersive game follows the protagonist Judom Freese, a former soldier-turned-vampire hunter- as he explores a fantasy-medieval world. Judom has vowed to rid this harsh, dark world of the vampires that have laid claim to it, and restore it back to order. You’ll get to explore a huge map, take on side quests, upgrade your skills and equipment, and, most importantly, track and hunt down vamps!

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Five Modes To Choose From

There are five gameplay modes to pick from in Redfall: Story, Story+, Hunt, Arena, and Endless Mode.


If you’re looking for a more laid-back experience, Story and Story+ provide a narrative-driven campaign full of puzzles and enemies to fight.


For those of us who are more drawn to action, Hunt Mode throws you into intense battles against powerful vampires. It’s the perfect mode to practice up your fight skills.

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Arena mode is the place to test your strength against daunting powerful opponents. If you’re looking to increase your battle ranking and become an epic vampire hunter, this is the mode for you.

Endless Mode

For extra motivation, Endless Mode offers vampire slaying challenges with ever-increasing levels of difficulty. It’s a great way to increase your scores, win rewards and boast your skills!

Browse Your Gear

Gear is super important for success in Redfall! You’ll be able to customize your character with a variety of weapons, armor, and artifacts. These items can be upgraded to improve your stats and change your attack styles.

Load Up On Fun

Redfall promises to deliver nothing but awesome vampire hunting action and fun. Get ready to:

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  • Unlock more weapons and armor as you progress
  • Experience awesome boss fights
  • Explore dark story secrets
  • Battle powerful monsters
  • Interact with the locals and find out the secrets they hold

So don’t miss out on the May 2nd release of Redfall – gear up to take on the vampires and restore peace to the world!

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