Home Technology Startup founders: Don’t cross the line between optimism and fraud

Startup founders: Don’t cross the line between optimism and fraud

Startup Founders: Don’t Cross the Line between Optimism and Fraud

Hey there, startup founders! This article is a friendly reminder that while optimism is certainly a great trait to have, it’s important to draw the line between remaining hopeful and engaging in fraudulent behavior when running your business.

The Cost of Crossin’ That Line

So what can happen when you hop across that gold-sparkly line? Aside from the obvious moral implications, there are quite a few potential pitfalls:

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  • Criminal charges. Crossing that line is a no-no, and can result in criminal charges such as fraud being brought against you.
  • Public humiliation. If you don’t think the legal headaches are enough, rest assured that any fraudulent behavior that makes it to the public eye will be on every financial news site for weeks and your reputation will be ruined.
  • You won’t be part of the ‘cool gang’ . Pushy founders: Does this sound like you? It’s time to shift into optimism-compliance-mode as your peers won’t take too kindly to any shadowy behavior.

But I’m Just an Optimistic Person!

We get it. That’s why you’re an entrepreneur, after all. But don’t let enthusiasm and creative thinking run amok; be sure to stay within all regulations and laws when running your business.

And if all this does seem daunting and it’s making you a bit glum, just focus on being an honest-to-goodness optimistic entrepreneur. Deal? (wink, wink)

So, startup founders-to-be and courageous entrepreneurs-in-the-making: Be aware of the difference between optimism and fraud. As they say, knowledge is power!

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