Home Technology Xbox Game Pass adds Darkest Dungeon to its late January slate

Xbox Game Pass adds Darkest Dungeon to its late January slate

Xbox Game Pass Surprises Late January Subscribers with Even Darker Dungeons!

Late January is usually a time when subscribers to Xbox Game Pass have gone through their backlog and need something new to play. It turns out, Microsoft had a surprise up its sleeve – Darkest Dungeon! We can guess that a lot of gamers are pretty excited right now!

What’s So Special About Darkest Dungeon?

For those who might not know, Darkest Dungeon is a turn-based dungeon-crawler RPG (role-playing game). It has a very distinct art style and is praised for its intense, deep and challenging narrative. Here are some more awesome features that make Darkest Dungeon stand out:

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  • Unique art style with hand-drawn visuals
  • Varied and engaging combat system
  • A vast number of exciting hero classes
  • Tons of co-op and PvP content
  • Wonderful soundtrack with oppressive atmosphere

Darkest Dungeon – Best Played With Friends

Darkest Dungeon is best played with a group of friends. You will need to strategize and work together in order to succeed against the toughest of dungeons and horrific bosses.

This makes Darkest Dungeon a great game to play in late January when you don’t feel like going out and no one is around. Just grab a few of your friends, dive into the game and have a blast!

Late January Is Now Brighter Than Ever

With Darkest Dungeon now available in Xbox Game Pass, late January just got a whole lot brighter! Gamers can now dive into this unique and intense game, and die together with their friends. So what are you waiting for? Hurry and get your crew together, there are dungeons to conquer!

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